Yes that is a large number! We left Ontario last fall to drive to Florida and continue from there across the United States and up the west coast to British Columbia. We flew home for one month then flew back to continue our trip across Canada back to Ontario. Are you able to spend time with your spouse for that many kilometres (miles)? We have survived intact with many memories. We saw places and cities we would never have ventured. Now, I have a memory book to make on http://www.blurb.ca/.

On our way home we stopped in Huntsville, Ontario, just outside of Algonquin National Park. Paul’s sister lives there with family and as a total coincidence we arrived 7 hours before their second grandson arrived. We went right to the hospital and waited with them to see this new miracle enter this world. All went wonderful and a great celebration was in order.

We came home and are all unpacked, gardens planted and children hugged, not in that order. Now we can catch up with friends over the summer!

Please enjoy your summer!



Hair gets lighter. Skin gets darker.

Water gets warmer. Drinks get colder.

Music gets louder. Nights get longer.

Life gets Better!


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