We are finishing up our road trip and want to share a few more pictures. In the town of Port Orford, Oregon, we went down to the marina. No, not to look at boats for sale. Port Orford has a Dolly Dock, only 2 left in America. This town has an open water harbour and isn’t protected from the sea swells, boats in the commercial fishing fleet are hoisted in and out of the harbour by a huge crane each day–quite a spectacle to watch.


Each boat is put on a “dolly”. Notice the large metal braces on the side of each boat.


This is done every single day… each boat goes in the water to fish and returns to be taken out of the water.

Washington State is similar to Oregon, another beautiful Pacific state.


This above information is in all hotels near the coastline.


WE HAVE TRAVELLED ALMOST 15,000 km since leaving Ontario in Fall.

We are now on Vancouver Island visiting my parents. Yesterday we travelled by ferry from Port Angeles, WA to Victoria, B.C. We have given our boys notice that we will fly home on Tuesday!! Our road trip begins again from Vancouver across Canada on May 17th. Stay tuned.

Redwood 1

Another amazing shot that Paul took with his new phone! Gives perspective on how large the Redwood trees are.

Did you know that Washington State Ferries carried 10 million vehicles and 22 million passengers to places… in 2012. This happens every year. Ferries are people movers! Many dogs on the ferry too (they travel too)