Speeches, words, artwork, poetry or photos cannot give anyone an accurate description of the Grand Canyon here in the South Rim, Arizona!!





Majestic is just a word but we have no words when one actually sees the Grand Canyon. There are many stops along the way in the National Park. We stopped at many and saw so much of the Canyon all at different angles.



Our very first stop was the Welcome Center and we climbed up a tower because being at 7500 ft elevation wasn’t enough?! When one is at 6500 feet, one can experience shortness of breath, nausea, higher blood pressure, thirst etc. Well, yep, after climbing stair after stair of this tower, we seemed exhausted. I thought we were in better shape, afterwards I learned that this is normal at this altitude. Whew! (The tower was just another 60 feet higher).


Lost my footing here, help me !!


Mule deer and elk are everywhere in the park and don’t seem bothered by cars or people. We don’t get too close to them but wow, have to be patient when driving, they could just stand there for awhile. (they seem to know there is no hunting, hmmmmm)


This is a remote “helicopter” with a camera on the bottom. These Asian friends have a very expensive hobby of experimenting with their “toy”. They will fly this over the Grand Canyon and get footage on their camera. You don’t want to make a mistake, as it is a long way down and no retrieving their camera and “helicopter” back.


me grand

I am NOT leaning further Paul, no matter what you keep saying!

We stayed at the Best Western near the Grand Canyon and loved it there. We travelled to Flagstaff, Arizona last night and this morning we travelled to Sedona. Those travels will be another post for another day.

For low season we found the Grand Canyon quite busy but I guess not busy enough. There are 5 million visitors every year. About 83% from the U.S. and the other 17% from other nations…. high percentage from the U.K. and Canada. Paul is very happy we came now and not when it would be busy!


  1. Lyne

    Wow absolutely awesome. I’m hoping to see the sights for myself someday. Thanks for sharing the sites.